synapse virtualised san provides us with a single intuitive platform on which we run, backup and mirror our most critical systems. The operation and method of works provide us with functionality that allows us to recover from any possible scenario in the shortest amount of time possible.


John Galbraith, Information Systems Manager, says “synapse has continually exceeded our expectations at all levels, notably with their commitment, delivery & professionalism. Solutions they have supplied have been installed and operational within our timescales. I look forward to working with them again on future projects.”


Working with synapse we've been able to completely revolutionalise our ability to respond quickly to fluctuating business demands, and means we are now able to operate in a far more flexible way.

It has dramatically reduced our development server hardware by over 300%, and we've realised some significant cost savings from being able to deploy and maintain multiple development streams.

And this is only the start, going forward we fully expect to be able to extend these synergies to the production environment and maximise our investment.


synapse managed service symmetry has revolutionised our approach to storage management.

By introducing a hosted, virtual storage model, our organisation has significantly reduced the cost of creating, deploying and managing a high availability business continuity and disaster recovery infrastructure.

We know our data is safe and we can concentrate more resources on doing what we do best—managing customer relationships.